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Professional Poker Tour Premieres Tonight
Brought to you by the creators of the WPT, the PPT is the action-packed new series showcasing the best of the best in poker as they battle it out in a whole new format. The game’s legends and new young idols face off in four grueling quarters of tournament play and one championship round bringing you 24 weeks of All-Star poker action. Preview tonight's episode: 1st QUARTER FOXWOODS The top poker players in the world descend on Foxwoods as the first professional league in poker history kicks off...
Learn to put up a good fight when there's a bully at the poker table
It can be really frustrating to have an extremely aggressive player at your table who just won't seem to leave you alone. No matter what you do, the bully keeps coming after you, especially if you aren't getting any good cards of your own. Hopefully, after reading this column, you'll have all the tools you need to fight the good fight and start pounding back. If you know anything about a bully, you know that if you stand up to him, he'll usually run away and hide. Let him run, but get his chips fi...
Aussies launch assault on World Series of Poker
The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is the equivalent of the Olympic Games, or World Cup for poker players. Last year, Joe Hachem became the first Australian to win the championship event at the WSOP. With the 2006 main event just three weeks away, more than 200 Australians will be in Las Vegas to chase the ultimate poker dream, and the first prize of more than $US10 million.In edition two of Bluff Australasia magazine, the 2006 WSOP takes centre stage with an unrivalled preview of the greatest eve...
More than chips at stake in poker pioneer's best bluff
Henry Orenstein, perhaps the father of televised poker where the audience can actually see when a player pretends to have a good hand, knows a few things about running a bluff. More than 60 years ago, his life literally depended on it. And so did the lives of his brothers and several dozen other prisoners of a Nazi concentration camp. For most of World War II, the 82-year-old Orenstein - who developed and patented the camera concept that allows TV viewers to see poker players' hole cards - was hel...
Knowing when to lay down is one key to survival
Happy Fourth of July weekend - a time to get together with friends, barbecue some dogs and burgers and maybe play a little Texas hold ’em. And like the man says, if you want to finish top dog in poker, you gotta know when to hold ’em, and know when to fold ’em. The hardest hand to lay down, of course, is top pair. But knowing when to muck a seemingly dominant hand is what separates the players from the pretenders. Such lay-downs are tough, but at times they’re the only smart thing to do. F...

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